2017-01-09SolarConn Makes Headway in Improving Interconnection Rules
2016-12-04Green Bank hopes state lawmakers won't dip into its funds [FROM NHRegister/ AP]
2016-07-11Yale researchers rank cities and towns on residential solar activity [FROM CTPOST.COM]
2016-05-23Rooftop solar: Net metering is a net benefit [FROM www.brookings.edu/]
2016-03-29Rooftop solar could provide nearly half of US electricity demand [From Reneweconomy]
2015-06-16Value-of-Solar Study Proposed for Massachusetts (FROM www.cleanenergyfinanceforum.com)
2015-06-05(CT) Session tally: Energy and environment hits, misses and almosts (FROM CTMirror.com)
2015-04-07Utility Sales May Drop by Half as Homes Make Their Own Power [FROM www.bloomberg.com]
2015-04-07Utility Sales May Drop by Half as Homes Make Their Own Power [FROM www.bloomberg.com]
2015-02-22Solar panels add premium to home value, study finds [FROM www.pv-magazine.com]
2015-02-11To Boost Rooftop Solar, Malloy Offers Plan Betting Ratepayer Millions [CTNOW.COM]
2015-01-26Reducing Shell Games with Energy Subsidies ( Yale Center for Business and the Environment)
2014-11-22In Solar And Energy Efficiency, Many See A Refuge From Spiking Power Bills [HARTFORD COURANT]
2014-06-09Town of Rocky Hill Solar PV RFP
2014-06-04SolarConn Meets June 19 In Hartford
2014-05-16May 22 member meeting postponed
2014-05-08 How to Phase Out Incentives and Grow Solar Energy [ From: renewableenergyworld.com ]
2013-11-11Solar panels, other technologies, present new firefighting hazards in Connecticut [FROM CTMirror.com]
2013-07-22CEFIA Picks Lease Insurance Partner [FROM DAILYFINANCE.COM]
2013-07-22CT $1B solar secret reversal creates business opportunities [From Hartford Business Journal]
2013-07-10After outcry, renewable energy project details to be revealed [CTMirror.com]
2013-06-07Commercial Solar Granted Tax-Free Status In CT in News Departments [FROM SOLAR INDUSTRY MAGAZINE]
2013-02-11Defining renewable [ FROM: HartfordBusiness.com ]
2012-12-27U.S. Consumers Still Like Solar Energy [FROM SOLARINDUSTRY MAGAZINE]
2012-12-12Solar Panels for Every Home [FROM NY TIMES]
2012-08-29SolarConn Meets Sept25 at Yale Univ.
2012-06-13U.S. Solar Industry Posts Solid Q1 With 506 MW Installed [FROM RenewableEnergyWorld.com]
2012-05-29Solar Finance Re-Invented: How Today's Projects Lure New Market Players [FROM SOLAR INDUSTRY MAGAZINE]
2012-03-26Think solar power can't compete with big utilities? Think again. [FROM MINNESOTA PUBLIC RADIO]
2012-02-26Homeowners go solar, benefit from state program [From REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN]
2012-02-24Connecticut solar installers frustrated over legislation [From CleanEnergyAuthority]
2012-02-19Controversy flares in new solar program for homeowners [From www.ctmirror.com]
2012-02-11 Solar installers increasingly liking Connecticut [from Hartford Business.com]
2011-11-01Public Support For Solar Power Is Nearly Universal In U.S. [FROM SOLAR INDUSTRY MAGAZINE]
2011-09-189/21 SolarConn meeting postponed
2011-09-15Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority [from CEFIA]
2011-09-12CEFIA Announces OSDG Solicitation
2011-06-30Banking on Green Growth in Connecticut
2011-06-08CT Energy Bill Delivers Boost [From Solar Industry Magazine]
2011-05-20Hopes of reviving solar industry ride on new energy legislation [from www.ctmirror.org]
2011-04-27CT Solar Lease Extended to End of Year
2011-04-24CT solar projects receive $2M [From www.hartfordbusiness.com]
2011-04-24New Solar Loans from HUD [FROM HUD.GOV]
2011-04-21Study Finds Solar Panels Increase Home Values [From New York Times]
2011-03-142011 Solar Bill
2010-12-31CT Electrical Services Volunteers time for the first E building in the State Technical high School system
2010-10-15More Subsidies Available For Installing Solar Hot Water Heaters [from CTnow]
2010-09-04State Buying Less Clean Power
2010-09-03CBIA Documents Its Solar Opposition
2010-07-13SolarConn Calls on Gov. Rell to Re-Start Talks on Solar Energy Legislation
2010-06-2614 Million Acres of Land in U.S. for Solar Energy and Wind Farms [cleantechnica.com]
2010-06-04Assembly should override Rell's veto of the energy bill [Connecticut Post]
2010-05-23Jobs At Stake As Rell Weighs Energy Bill [Hartford Business Journal]
2010-05-21Pending energy bill seen as vital to future of state's solar industry [www.ctmirror.com]
2010-05-06New Britain Herald Endorses Energy Bill
2010-04-20Solar power in US grows 37% in 2009
2010-03-02U.S Green Technology Opportunities Expand Internationally as SolarOne® Solutions Ships “Zero-Carbon” Streetlights to Masdar.
2010-02-25California state Senate Ups RPS to 33% by 2020 [LA Times]
2010-02-24California Senate Ups RPS to 33% by 2020 [LA Times]
2010-02-13Red ink? Don't use green money [FROM NEWS-TIMES (DANBURY)]
2010-01-28Cheap Hot Water? Just Add Sunshine [WALL STREET JOURNAL]
2010-01-14Family Gets Solar Thermal Incentive [NEW LONDON DAY]
2009-09-01Solar Homes on Display Oct. 3
2009-09-01Solar Training at Gateway Comm. College
2009-07-19CCEF Solar Thermal Program Q & A [ From Hartford Business Journal ]
2009-07-10July 30 Solar Conn Meeting at Northeast Utilities
2009-05-12Changes to Application for Eligible Installer Status for Residential PV Programs
2009-03-08Here Comes the Sun [from New London Day newspaper]
2009-03-03Maintain state energy initiatives [editorial: Stamford Advocate]
2009-03-03Maintain state energy initiatives [editorial: Stamford Advocate]
2009-02-21Sen. Duff concerned about Rell's proposed $40M transfer [ www.thehour.com ]
2009-02-20Cong. Murphy: Solar's the future [ newbritainherald.com ]
2009-02-07Rell proposes raiding energy funds [ From Connecticut Post]
2008-12-16Jan 15 Cutoff for Commercial Rebates
2008-11-18Will Demand for Solar Homes Pick Up? [From BusinessWeek Online]
2008-10-16Leasing sun power increasing in CT (Connecticut Post Newspaper)
2008-09-29Oct. 4 Solar Tour features 53 homes and businesses statewide
2008-09-23U.S. Senate Passes Energy Tax Bill Offering Solar Industry a Boost (Bloomberg.com)
2008-09-13Solar Connecticut Meets Sept. 23 at Fairfield Univ.
2008-09-05State Seeks Solar Strategist to Draft Long-Term Plan
2008-09-03Solectria Renewables Create One-Stop PV Energy Shopping for Municipal Utility Customers
2008-08-20 Connecticut Announces Solar Lease Program (SustainableBusiness.com News)
2008-08-17Use of solar power grows as energy costs escalate (New Haven Register)
2008-06-18 SolarWrights acquires Conn.-based Sunsearch
2008-04-04Workshop: Solar Powered Buildings & Solar Marketing
2008-04-03CT Post story: State energy plan heads wrong way